Why The Theory of Evolution Will Always Be Just Theory

Science is based on observation and replication. Every scientific law begins with a theory which is then tested by experiment independently by different scientists under the same conditions. If all the scientists who test the theory come up with the same results, that theory becomes law.

Evolution will never become a law because it is an interpretation of geological and astronomical observations based on a set of assumptions which cannot be tested. No one has ever observed the origin of the universe. We don’t see universes coming into existence today. Evolutionists estimate the life of our universe at billions of years, so obviously no one was there to observe it. Nor can any human being create life in the lab out of nothing.

The starting point of the universe for evolutionists is nothing. The agent that brought about the universe is no one. It self started spontaneously and evolved entirely by chance. There are origins but no Originator, design but no Designer. To start from any other point would invalidate the entire scientific process in their scheme of things. If they allowed that there was a God involved in the process, they could no longer call their discipline science. It would then become religion. And the two are incompatible as far as they are concerned.

Creationists also base their interpretation of origins on a set of assumptions. Just like the evolutionists, they were not present to observe the beginning of the universe nor can they test their assumptions by reproducing results in a laboratory. However, they are willing to allow that there was an Originator who designed all the order, symmetry and interdependence that holds the universe together in such precise balance from the smallest, simplest particle to the vast and complex galaxies.

Because evolutionists and creationists start from different places, they draw different conclusions based on their observations. If, as the evolutionists believe, life evolved from simple organisms into increasingly complex and well organized plants and animals, then the universe must be very old. Such a process could not happen rapidly. Since that process was random, it would not naturally produce viable organisms. Some would take a more orderly path than others. Therefore, only those that were better adapted to their environment would survive. So the geological record must contain evidence of many organisms that failed and a very small number that showed  progress towards more order and viability. Also, there should be evidence of one species transforming into another more advanced species over thousands and even millions and billions of years.

Creationists, on the other hand, look at the physical evidence available in the geological record and see the handiwork of a Divine Originator. They don’t need thousands or even millions and billions of years to explain what they observe. The fact that fossils are all found in vast layers of sedimentary rock that in some cases extend across entire continents or in igneous rock that was formed by volcanic activity indicates that the organisms that existed at the time were trapped alive by global cataclysmic events that occurred suddenly. To them, the layers represent not eras in time, but biomes that were inhabited by simple organisms at the lowest levels and more complex creatures at the highest levels. For them, the explanation is found in revelation, not conjecture. Because they believe in a Creator, they also believe He has revealed Himself to His creation because He wants to be known by them. That revelation occurs in the Bible. And in the Bible is a record of not just the creation of the universe, but the purpose of that creation, because anything that shows such orderly and intricate design must have had a purpose.

In this book, the Bible, is an account of God’s original intentions for His creation based on His nature and attributes. In Genesis, the first book of the Bible, we learn that everything God created was good in His eyes (Gen 1:4,10,12,18,21,25,31). That means it functioned the way it was supposed to right from the very beginning. There were no organisms that were better suited for survival than others. Chapter 1 also says that He created every living thing “after its kind” (Gen 1:12, 21, 24, 25). That means all the various species were established from the beginning and have always reproduced only like species to this very day.

Most significantly of all for the interpretation of origins, God set before the first man and woman just a few simple rules to follow. They could eat from any tree in the garden where they lived except two – the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and the tree of life. If they disobeyed, they would face punishment. We learn from this that God has standards He expects us to follow and that there are consequences for not doing so. This is the part that distinguishes the world view of the evolutionist from that of the creationist – accountability to a Sovereign Deity. The creationist believes man must pay a price for disregarding the commands of a sovereign and righteous God. The evolutionist believes he is free to follow his own inclinations wherever they may lead him without any negative consequences. But it is one gigantic negative consequence that explains the entire geological record for the creationist.

That consequence was a worldwide flood by which God destroyed everything that had the breath of life except for a small remnant that He spared and whose progeny now populate the earth. You see, Adam and Eve, the first man and woman in recorded history, couldn’t even keep the few simple rules God put in place when He created them. They took the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil which He had forbidden them to even touch, and ate it. The result was the corruption of everything that God had created into something fatally flawed. Sin entered the world and by sin death passed on to all things, not just man and woman. The geological record is a record of that death. Living things got buried alive in layers of sediment that engulfed them when the rains poured down and the waters under the earth burst forth in huge geysers. Others were encapsulated in the lava and ash spewed out by volcanoes that erupted when earthquakes split the earth, dividing the continents and creating tectonic plates that continue shifting and causing earthquakes to this very day.

All of this happened over a relatively short time span, not eons of time. And God immediately put an end to it, swearing He would never destroy the earth by a flood again. So nowhere do we see the ongoing deposition of a fossil record over the past hundreds or even thousands of years. That is why evolutionists must go back millions and even billions of years to try to prove their theory. If what they believed were true, we should still be able to observe evolution taking place today, even if only to some small degree.

What we actually have observed happening over the past hundreds and thousands of years is not evolution but devolution. Having examined the human genome with modern scientific techniques, scientists now agree with creationists that all of mankind had one common pair of ancestors. That being the case, those first humans had to possess all of the genetic information contained in the entire human genome. With each succeeding generation, however, that information got distributed and diluted. Succeeding generations became more susceptible to certain kinds of disease and deformity from which their progenitors would have been protected by their robust genetic makeup.  The human gene pool eventually became so watered down that no amount of intermarrying between members of different races will ever again produce another race. Due to the weakening of that gene pool, marriage between family members is discouraged. In the beginning a brother and sister could marry each other without fear of any deleterious genetic consequences. In fact, Eve was an exact genetic copy of Adam in the female gender because she was literally created from his body.

Despite all evidence to the contrary, evolutionary scientists  continue to reject any belief in intelligent design. A good example comes from archaeology. Archaeologists have found evidence that a Semitic people migrated from Palestine to northern Egypt during the reign of the Pharaohs. They also found indications that this group of people grew rapidly in population until they began to overwhelm their hosts. A series of natural disasters struck Egypt around this time followed by a mass migration of the Semitic peoples away from Egypt. Shortly thereafter, a number of cities in Palestine were decimated, including one city whose wall collapsed and was torched. All of this is undeniably documented in the archaeological record. No scientist disputes it. At the same time it perfectly corresponds with the biblical account of the Exodus of the Jews from Egypt and their conquest of the land of Palestine, including the seige and sacking of the city of Jericho. But archaeologists insist that is impossible because it doesn’t fit their time frame, which is missing a two hundred year gap. In other words, instead of accepting the evidence and adjusting their time frame to account for that missing period, they discount the evidence simply because it supports the Bible.

Unfortunately, evolutionary thinking has become so widely accepted even among many professing Christians that it is virtually unassailable. The results have been devastating for society and the church. Because evolution reduces man to the status of an animal without  a conscience, there is no basis for moral or ethical boundaries. Sex is for nothing more than self gratification so there is no need to restrain the sexual impulse. Nothing is off limits including pornography, promiscuity, pedophilia, polygamy, adultery, homosexuality, incest, abortion and even bestiality. Consequently marriages and families suffer and societies eventually crumble under the weight of envy, anger, abuse and disease.

Those who support these kinds of behaviors like to accuse those of us who believe in a holy God of forcing our beliefs on them. They tell us we cannot legislate morality. But in fact, it is they who have forced their beliefs on us by codifying their morals into law. That is why we now have gay marriage, abortion on demand, and a host of laws that force the rest of us to condone the associated behaviors even when they violate our most deeply held religious convictions. All of this because some of us refuse to acknowledge the One who created us for His good pleasure.

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