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Forgiveness—The Biblical View

There is a very common misunderstanding among Christians that says forgiveness is not for the offender but the victim—to give him peace of mind and heart. I have some problems with this notion. As the word implies, ‘for–give–ness’ is a … Continue reading

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Holy Affections – The Sign of True Faith

There is a show on local Christian radio here in the Chicago area called, “In the Marketplace with Janet Parshall.” The host likes to quote Luke 6:45b, “for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh.”  The preceding … Continue reading

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The Preacher Who Changed The World

I know what you are thinking. The preacher who changed the world was Jesus Christ. And, of course, you are right. The words of Jesus Christ turned BC into AD and launched the Christian church, the most transformational institution of … Continue reading

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Perilous Times For The Megachurch

I am a big fan of a program on Moody Radio called, “In The Market With Janet Parshall.” I like it so much because the host relates current events to Bible teaching. Recently she interviewed the producer of a new … Continue reading

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Gentle Jesus

Attend most any church in America today and you will be presented with a Jesus who is all warm and fuzzy. He wants to give meaning to your life, to fulfill your deepest longings, and to deliver you from all … Continue reading

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Church: Organization or Organism?

I just finished reading an article in Christianity Today entitled, “Flip this Church.” It is about the latest trend in church development in America (I won’t say ‘church growth’ because this is a response to shrinking membership). As churches with … Continue reading

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Has The Church Become Irrelevant?

I belong to a group of socially conscious folks, many of whom are Christians, who are ardently trying to reverse the trend of growing government that is threatening our religious liberties. I joined because I have become more and more … Continue reading

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