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Holy Affections – The Sign of True Faith

There is a show on local Christian radio here in the Chicago area called, “In the Marketplace with Janet Parshall.” The host likes to quote Luke 6:45b, “for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh.”  The preceding … Continue reading

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Appropriating the Gospel

I have often wondered why some professing Christians show so little progress in the faith while others develop an immediate love for the Word of God and experience the transforming power of the Holy Spirit in a dramatic way. For … Continue reading

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The Fallacy of Seeker Friendly

The church today is filled with people who have “made a decision for Christ” but have never been born again. They have been presented with all the logical arguments for the faith and asked to raise their hand or pray … Continue reading

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Born Again, Again. Rediscovering Grace

I was raised in the evangelical church. I “accepted Christ” at a Billy Graham crusade when I was twelve years old. For years I was content with my beliefs. But then I fell on hard times. My son was molested … Continue reading

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Salvation and The Sovereignty of God

America is the land of opportunity. Perhaps the value we cherish most after our individual freedoms is the opportunities those freedoms provide. People from every economic class, every nationality, every race and both genders (or maybe I should say ‘every … Continue reading

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Making God in Our Image

You have probably heard the expression, “God made man in His image and then man returned the favor.” There is a very popular notion among many people that the God of the Old Testament is a vengeful Person because He … Continue reading

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The Key to the Kingdom

I recently did a search on on the words ‘forgive’ and ‘repent.’  I came up with nineteen books dealing with forgiveness and one dealing with repentance.  This did not surprise me since I have seen a lot of books … Continue reading

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