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Don’t Let Your Wounds Cripple You

Nursing grievances and harboring grudges certainly does not befit the child of God, given the blessings he or she enjoys in Jesus Christ. Continue reading

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The Great Therapist in the Sky

God saves us ultimately not for our benefit, but for His. Continue reading

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How Can I Be Sure I am a Christian?

Perhaps you ‘made a decision for Christ’ at one time, but it seems nothing has changed. How can you know for sure that your sins are forgiven? Proof comes in the form of transformation. Romans 12:1-2 says, “Do not be … Continue reading

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Does ‘Making a Decision for Christ’ Mean You Are ‘Born Again’?

The pastor of our church has a gift for evangelism and has inculcated an evangelistic spirit into the congregation. The type of evangelism they practice is what I call ‘decision based.’ It involves getting the seeker to respond to a … Continue reading

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Perilous Times For The Megachurch

I am a big fan of a program on Moody Radio called, “In The Market With Janet Parshall.” I like it so much because the host relates current events to Bible teaching. Recently she interviewed the producer of a new … Continue reading

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Gentle Jesus

Attend most any church in America today and you will be presented with a Jesus who is all warm and fuzzy. He wants to give meaning to your life, to fulfill your deepest longings, and to deliver you from all … Continue reading

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Have We Confused American Christianity With the Church?

The American church has more resources than any other church in the world. So why is it declining while the poorest churches are rapidly multiplying? .

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